What Causes White Spots on Teeth and How to Get Rid of Them

Being able to smile big for photographs is a big part of today’s selfie culture. Are you embarrassed, though, by white spots on your teeth and wonder how you can get rid of them?

At Core Smiles, our team of dentists have the experience to help you with all of your dental needs and issues. Drs. Michael Gulizio, Steven Cordoves, and Ron Kosinski bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide you with top-notch, compassionate dental care. They take the time to talk to you and understand your particular dental concerns, problems, and goals. 

What causes white spots on teeth?

Some people develop white spots on their teeth that cause their teeth to look damaged and unattractive. These spots are much brighter than the surrounding enamel and can be caused by a number of factors:

When examining your teeth, your dentist will take a closer look at any white spots present and determine what the causes could be. He’ll then recommend treatment to remove the white spots, restoring your beautiful smile. 

How do I make the white spots on my teeth go away?

The white spots on your teeth are caused by damage to the enamel. In addition to addressing the root causes of this damage and developing treatment solutions, your dentist removes the spots by professionally whitening your teeth, using Icon® resin infiltration, or Opalustre white spot microdermabrasion.

Teeth whitening

Although you can purchase teeth whitening treatments at the drugstore, these kits are not anywhere near as powerful as the ones we use at Core Smiles. In fact, if not used correctly, the drugstore whitening treatments can actually cause white spots on your teeth by damaging the enamel. At Core Smiles, our dentists use the high-tech Zoom! Whitespeed system

To complete the Zoom! treatment, your dentist covers your lips and your gums to protect them from the whitening agent. After applying the hydrogen peroxide-based Zoom! gel to your teeth, your provider uses the Zoom! light to activate the gel. The reaction between the gel and the light erases your teeth stains and spots. 

Icon resin infiltration

Another option for removing the white spots on your teeth is Icon resin infiltration. This minimally invasive procedure involves gently abrading the white spots on your teeth and then filling them with a small amount of resin material. After your dentist completes the procedure, your previously spotted teeth will perfectly match the color of the surrounding enamel, and the teeth will have an extra layer of protection against decay. 

Opalustre white spot microdermabrasion 

The Opalustre white spot microdermbrasion technique uses a gentle abrasive that is composed of a mild acid combined with small particles. You dentist applies this solution to your teeth that have white spots. Then, using a special polishing cup on the treated teeth, your dentist carefully removes the white spots, restoring your teeth to their natural unblemished state. 

In today’s world of cell phone cameras and social media, you want to have a gorgeous smile for all those selfies with your friends and family. At Core Smiles, we have the solutions for all your dental needs. Call our office or use our online booking tool to set up an appointment with one of our compassionate, experienced dentists today!  

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