Professional Whitening


Professional Whitening

We use the GLO Professional Whitening System and KöR Deep Bleaching System, which works well for Tetracycline-stained teeth. Both procedures have been thoroughly studied for effectiveness and safety.




Core Smiles uses a wide range of powerful whitening technologies to professionally whiten your teeth right here in our office.

In our office, patients have different options available to them. We currently work with both GLO and KöR whitening systems.

Why have different whitening options? When it comes to teeth whitening, one system may not be ideal for all cases. We specifically use KoR whitening for Tetracycline staining, which is a severe form of congenital tooth staining that is EXTREMELY hard to remove with whitening, but KoR works. For superficial stains (i.e., red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco, etc.), our go-to is the Glo Whitening Professional system.

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