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Custom dentures are more than just artificial teeth. They’re your passport to an improved quality of life. The denture experts at Core Smiles in NoMad, Manhattan, New York City, provide their patients with comfortably designed custom dentures to renew their oral health and restore their smile. To learn more about what custom dentures can do for you, book a consultation today by phone or online.

Custom Dentures Q & A

What are custom dentures?

Dentures are removable oral appliances that are designed to replace many or all of the teeth in your mouth. 

Even though dentures are artificial teeth, they don’t have to look artificial. Advances in dental technology have turned modern denture fabrication into an art form. Today’s dentures, like the ones provided by Core Smiles, can feel comfortable, function impeccably, and look beautiful, and should never require an adhesive to stay put in your mouth.

The team at Core Smiles designs your dentures to best complement your age, skin tone, hair and eye color, lip support, and personality so that they fit seamlessly within your mouth and look just like your natural teeth.

What are custom dentures made of?

A great deal of care and attention go into making your custom dentures. The materials that the denture specialists at Core Smiles use to make your dentures vary depending on what level of denture you prefer:

Premium esthetic

These dentures use ceramic or premium resin-reinforced ceramic for the teeth and have prosthetic gum tissue that’s custom-tinted, which is a great benefit for patients with high smile lines or “gummy” smiles. The denture resin is premium-grade.

Standard esthetic denture

These dentures have resin-reinforced teeth and gingiva that is not custom tinted. The denture resin is standard-grade.

Economical denture

These dentures use standard-grade teeth that look beautiful, but might wear more quickly and require more frequent replacements. The gingiva is not custom-tinted and the denture resin is standard-grade.

Why should I get custom dentures?


Your smile is much more than the sum of its parts. Beyond a collection of teeth, your smile is a representation of your personality, and one of the most fundamental means for expressing who you are. When you’re missing your smile, you’re missing a part of yourself. Dentures enable you to reclaim that missing element and share yourself with the world again.

Core Smiles’ denture specialist, Michael Gulizio, DMD, MS, developed a renowned expertise for dentures by training with a world-famous Beverly Hills prosthodontist who made a career out of designing dentures for celebrities and world leaders. 

Dr. Gulizio understands the true art of denture construction and he skillfully integrates his dentures in his patients’ oral cavities by taking into account their oral musculature, bony ridge support, and salivary flow. 

Dr. Gulizio’s medical aptitude is matched only by his keen eye for cosmetic harmony, which gives him the ability to design dentures that perfectly complement his patients’ facial features, eye color, skin tone, and personality.

Restore your smile and improve your life today with custom dentures at Core Smiles. To get started, schedule a consultation by phone or online.

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