What's in a smile?  

A smile conveys beauty, health and confidence.  It can help us connect to one another without saying a single word.  It evokes happiness and it helps to raise our mood and the mood of others around us!  Smile at someone and chances are they will smile back.  It is the universal language of love, friendship and trust.  A smile is truly magical.

At Core Smiles, our goal is to make you smile more.  Using advanced technology, we can digitally design your smile to the exact proportions and shapes that nature intended so that your smile is not only bright, white and beautiful, but natural.  Our technology allows us to accurately diagnose cavities, periodontal disease, TMJ disorders and bite-related problems, and we take a comprehensive, team approach to dentistry to ensure that your dental care is efficient, convenient and cost-effective. 

In a city with over 10,000 dentists, there is a reason why Core Smiles stands out among the others.  Learn for yourself what makes Core Smiles different--schedule an appointment with us today--we'd really love to see your smile :)




THE TMJ  (OR "temporomandibular joint")  are small joints in front of our ears that attach the lower jaw to the skull.  if our teeth do not come together properly, the muscles around these joints can become inflammed.  in turn, this inflammation can lead to headaches, jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain, and ringing in the ears.    READ MORE


Soft Teeth SOFT TEETH...

Have you been told that you have "soft teeth"?  Does it seem like you have another cavity every time you see your dentist?  READ MORE




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